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Gay Dating South Africa

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  • How to succeed in the gay dating scene | Free Gay Dating South Africa Members

    It's all in the marketing. Have you ever considered what image you project? How's your attitude about life, being gay or dating? Do you walk with confidence or insecurity? It's important to consider these things when looking for a date. More times than not, you'll attract the type of guy that's ...

  • Dating older gay men – thinking outside the pink triangle

    An article I wrote in response to some "experts" who thought they knew something about dating and age gaps in dating... I was reading an article recently that had short quips from experts who said that dating and getting laid by someone younger than you, or vice-versa is a good idea. But ...

  • Gay personal ads checklist | Free Gay Dating South Africa Members

    Before you start signing up for all those gay dating/hookup sites, you might consider this checklist: I mentioned in a previous article that I'd tell you more about the sign up forms that you'll typically see at an online dating service - the ones that make your personal ad profile... These days ...

  • Gay online dating safety tips | Free Gay Dating South Africa Members

    I don't want to scare you too much BUT...Here's some online dating safety tips: Much as I think online dating services are a great way to meet men, there is to a degree a darker side to these places. But then, you could also say the same about any other place ...

  • Conquering hot guy phobia in gay bars | Free Gay Dating South Africa Members

    Straight women aren't the only people who can't seem to meet the right guy. Gay men can't seem to either. The difference is that women aren't "allowed" to approach men while gay men are expected to. And this sets up what psychologists call "Approach Anxiety" -- the fear of initiating ...



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